Best Keyboards Collection For iOS 8 iPhone And iPad

Now iOS 8 suppots many third-party keyboards that make typing easier and provide many features than default keyboard. Apple also added quick type keyboard that offers next word predictions. You can find many keyboard on apps store that are simple apps and many are free to use. Here i want to share some keyboards apps that are available on apps store for free and premium.


Third-Party keyboards for iOS 8 iPhone and iPad Userskeyboard for ios 8

Myscript Stack Handwriting Keyboard:- This keyboard like palm devices. When you scribble a character with your finger this keyboard converts scribble into letter. This keyboard app is free available on app store.

Swiftkey Keyboard:- App is free to use and available on store. This keyboard learn from your words and building a profile of words you use. This is good feature and you can sync between all devices however you can disable this feature. Auto correct feature is good for typing skill that reduce time.

Swype Keyboard:- This is most requested app for iPhone and iPad users that provide Swiping feature. You can type much faster than standard keyboard.

Fleksy Keyboard:- This keyboard is most funny, color full. Provide fast typing speed feature and reduce typing time. Fleksy brings best accuracy, color customization, and cool typing for iPhone and iPod