Dell Streak Pro GS01 Pattern Lock Unlock Trick

Todays article is about Reset Pattern Lock on Dell Streak Pro GS01 if pattern lock forget. We can easily remove this security lock by using Hard Reset method. This method works without any software or device, only key combination is required to enter Recovery Mode. This trick is useful if any other method like reset pattern using Google account with inyertnet connection. Some internet not available in some areas, Then this method (Hard Reset) is very usefull to reset device all settings. But keep in mind all data on mobile memory like messages, contacts, call history and installed Apps will be deleted. So take backup off all your important data on your Laptop or computer. All mobile settings will be resoterd to default. Lets start the procedure to hard reset Dany Genius Tab S2 via keys.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock Dell Streak Pro GS01 With Keys

Power off Dell Streak Pro GS01.

Press and hold Volume Up + Home soft key and Power keys together until Recovery menu appear.

Use volume Up/Down keys to scroll and Menu to confirm.