Fix Samsung Mobiles Slow Charging Or Not Store Problem

These days not charging or slow battery charge problem in Samsung mobiles is very common. Some time we connect our mobile with charger mobile shows charging bar running on screen but mobile battery not charge. This problem creates due to bad mobile charging port or charger. Every mobile which have Samsung like charging port have to face this problem.

Fault Details. Charger connect and show charging on screen but not store or charge the battery or take 6 to 7 hours to charge battery. Battery empty when we unplug charger.

How To Solve The Charging Issue In Samsung Mobiles

We can easily fix charging issue by using some tools himself, no need to take mobile to any service center. Just follow the simple steps below to fix charging problem.

First change charger or check charger pin or clean dust with electronics cleaner. by original 2 ampere charger for fast charging.

Check mobile charging port, if there is dust or carbon just clean with brush using electronics cleaner.

With needle scratch inside charging port pins to clean carbon.

Due to carbon exact current not reach to mobile battery, due to current lose mobile not store battery.