Forgot Password Reset Microsoft Lumia 640 With Buttons

Format Nokia Lumia 640 if you have forgot your password and want to reset it. This method is very simple and easy, and you can Unlock all codes with this trick. If you Don’t want to delete your contacts and messages then don’t try this because using this trick all data will be deleted on mobile memory. So take backup before try this trick. You can save all your contacts and messages via some software available in market.

Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 640 To Remove Security Lock

1. Turn off NOKIA LUMIA 640
2. Press and hold together Volume Down Button + Power Button until LCD show exclamation mark icon
3. Release all byttons.
4. Press step by step one by one.
5. Press and Release Volume Up Button
6. Press and Release Volume Down Button
7. Press and Release Power Button
8. Press and Release Volume Down Down
9. If the step finish, the NOKIA LUMIA 640 will do the hard reset or factory format by itself.
10. Wait until it finish to format, then we will need to setup like new again.