Htc Chacha Unlock Pattern Lock Key Combination

How to unlock pattern lock on android phone Htc Chacha via key combination. We can use android tool or jurassic universal android tool to unlock code. Hard reset via key combination is easy and simple method to remove pattern lock, and we can reset code within five minutes. Google account is best option for recovery password without losing data if we have setup google account before setup pattern lock.

The main problem using hard reset method is all data on mobile memory will be deleted. So it is necessary to take backup before hard reset mobile via key combination.

How To Reset Htc Chacha Pattern Lock


1.Turn off your phone.
2.Eject battery and then put it back
3.Press together power button + volume down until recovery menu appears on screen
4.Select with volume buttons “factory reset” and then press power button
 5.Wait until the phone restarts