Identify Your iPhone Model With Number Easy Trick

We can find exact model and generation of iPhone if we not identify it easily. iPhone and iPod have same size and shapes and we can not find difference easily between iPhone 4G and 4GS and 3G or 3GS models. There is no option in settings to know exact model. When we connect the device with iTunes, it shows the model and device capacity. But problem creates when we want to buy used device and there is no other option that time to identify iOS device model. In back cover a Model number is mentioned, we can find the model with this number. Here is a complete list of model numbers and their generation.

How To Identify Your iPhone Model


iPhone Model Number List

A1533, A1457, A1530 – iPhone 5S (GSM)
A1533, A1453 – iPhone 5S (CDMA)
A1532, A1507, A1529 – iPhone 5C (GSM)
A1532, A1456 – iPhone 5C (CDMA)
A1428 – iPhone 5 GSM (standard GSM model in USA for AT&T, T-Mobile, etc)
A1429 – iPhone 5 GSM & CDMA (normal CDMA model in USA, Verizon, Sprint, etc)
A1442 – iPhone 5 CDMA China
A1387 – iPhone 4S, CDMA & GSM
A1431 – iPhone 4S GSM China
A1349 – iPhone 4 CDMA
A1332 – iPhone 4 GSM
A1325 – iPhone 3GS China
A1303 – iPhone 3GS (GSM only)
A1324 – iPhone 3G China
A1241 – iPhone 3G (GSM only)
A1203 – iPhone (Original model, GSM only)

In iPhone mobile model list you can see mobile model code back side of your iPhone mobile like AXXXX and match the code in following list.
How to find iPhone model with iTunes
You can also find mobile model and details through iTunes. Connect iPhone with Usb cable with computer and summary tab you can see your model and other details.iphone-model-itunes


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Some other software also available to find iPhone model.

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