MacBook Pro Starts Up Very Slow or Performs Sluggishly Issue

Some users complain that their MacBook Pro Starts Up Very Slow and take long time to start up. MacBooks begin to run much slower than they did when they were originally purchased. One of the most common questions at any Apple store is, “Why is my Mac so slow?” Customers complain about the MacBook Pro specifically. There are several reasons for this, ranging from the MacBook Pro not having enough cache to its OS X being outdated. There are several reasons for slow speed of Macbook pro. First check your device memory is not full. If you think about all of the programs and documents that you download onto your Mac, it’s understandable that the memory can get full. Now that you know a main reason for your Mac running slow. You can optimize your Mac’s memory and clean its disk by removing junk files, old files. Second clear out your cache. You can do this by clearing out your browsing and download history, plug-ins and cookies, as well as images and files. Having too much cache is a fairly common reason for a slow Mac, so make clearing out your cache one of the first solutions that you try.

Like most computers, it’s difficult for Macs to function properly when there are too many applications running in the background. The more applications that are running, the slower your Mac will work. If this is the problem, then the solution for how to speed up your Mac is to eliminate some of the background applications.

Update your mac OS X to latest version. After software is finished upgrading, your Mac might be slow initially but after a while, it should be faster than before.

Best and final solution is upgrade your HDD to SSD drive. Solid State Drive (or SSD) is becoming an increasingly common upgrade for MacBook Pros of all ages. Because SSDs have a number of advantages compared to HDDs, they are more speedy, reliable and quieter — yes, you won’t hear the click sound from a spinning hard drive. However, SSDs are also a little bit expensive than HDDs though the price difference is diminishing.

  • For general users who want a quality, affordable SSD, you won’t go wrong with Crucial MX500 — which has exemplary read and write speeds, with awesome energy-saving features that will keep your MacBook from overheating or using up excessive amounts of battery.
  • For those of you who want to shop an SSD from a reputable brand, get SanDisk Ultra 3D — which will be able to keep up with your work all day, every day with all-around improvements to your booting, loading, and processing times.
  • For power users who want a drive that’s durable and built to last, pick up Samsung 860 PRO — which allows you to make the most of every gigabyte, and meet your need with a great warranty and optimized processing technology.