MacBook Pro Question Mark Problem on startup

MacBook Pro Startup With Question Mark Problem Troubleshooting

When we power on MacBook Pro Folder Question mark appear on screen instead Mac OS X {Operating System}. This problem occur when our MacBook Pro not Detect Hard Drive Or SSD Or some time operating system issue. We can check exact problem by following easy method.MacBook Pro Question Mark Problem on startup

Power on Laptop while holding alt Key. If system shows hard disk partion then your hard disk or ssd is working and some thing wrong with operation system. To solve this issue install new operation system using original Disk. If you have not disk then you can also install Mac OS x using Online Recovery Option. Power On MacBook while holding alt key> Select Recovery and follow the instructions to install Operating system online.

If hard disk not appear while holding ALT Key start up then some thing wrong with SSD or HHD Cable. It need to be check properly. In Old MacBook laptops mostly this problem creates due to bad HHD Cable. So we can Fix this issue by changing HDD cable with new one.

Causes of Question Mark Error in Macbook Pro Laptops

1_ Damaged or corrupted internal hard drive
2_ Damaged data cable (Sata Cable)
3_ The Mac OsX system folder can not be found or is unreadable
4_ The storage inside your mac is disconnected
If you already tried the below suggestions is most probably that the problem is related to the above 1 or 2 problems.
1.Turn on the Mac whilst holding the ALT (option key), see if your hard disk is recognized at all or if the system is trying to boot from the wrong volume/device.

2. If the above is unsuccessful, power down the system once you have attempted to boot a few times and are sure that the problem is not just a one off freak occurrence. Do not power it back on if it can be avoided.

Follow each step carefully on your own risk, if you are not technical then take your Macbook Pro to Apple Service Center or to Some certified Apple Technician in your area.