Pattern Lock Unlock Trick For Voice Xtreme X5

Hard reset or format Voice Xtreme X5 to reset mobile its factory default settings. Some time we set screen pattern lock before adding Google account. Google account is use full if we forgot pattern lock and want to reset pattern lock without losing mobile data and all installed apps. We can reset pattern lock with google account without formatting mobile phone. If  we have not add google account then hard reset or formatting mobile is easy method. But in this method all installed apps and mobile numbers, messages are deleted. So take backup before hard reset Voice Xtreme X5 to its default settings.

Note:  Before do that take backup of your important data, phone book, messages, images, and take out Sim card and SD Card.Because after hard reset it is not possible to recover all data so it is important to take backup of all your data.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock On Voice Xtreme X5

Turn off mobile.

Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together.

Release when Recovery Menu appear.

Select Clear eMMC press Power to confirm.

Reboot mobile when format complete.