How Remove Surface Pro 3 UEFI Bios Password

BIOS password protects your Surface Pro 3 from the possibility that other people boot your laptop from a portable devices or change UEFI Bios settings without permission. If you accidently forgot the password, you won’t be able to access the UEFI Bios settings, and it’s not a easy task to clear UEFI BIOS password. This time only one solution available. We can remove bios password by changing bios chip on the motherboard. but finding bios chip on motherboard in not easy. So i am going to show you how to find and change bios chip of surface pro 3.

First we need to remove surface pro 3 LCD to access motherboard. it is not easy job to remove Microsoft surface lcd without damaging. So i will also share easy trick how to remove surface pro 3 LCD without damage.  To remove bios password change the marked component as shown in diagram below.

microsoft surface pro 3 uefi password remove

If  you don’t have new chip you can reflash old chip with default firmware. you can easily find surface pro 3 bios firmware on internet. For software solution i will update the post as soon as possible.