Reset Oppo Find Way U7015 With Keys

Hard reset Oppo Find Way U7015 to unlock all security codes or reset device to its factory default settings. Some time we have to face some some problems like slow speed of operating system, Hang and freeze problem, virus infected apps not removed problem. So we can get ride these problems by reset device to its factory settings. All data on mobile memory and installed apps will be deleted so take backup before all data before hard reset your smart phone. If you have too many pattern attempts lock problem then it can also be reset via Google account without losing data. But this is possible if we mobile data connections on or WiFi on. If both off then we have only option to use this cell phone is hard reset. Here is a detailed tutorial to reset Oppo Find Way U7015 To Factory Default Settings via hardware keys within minutes.

Warning! Factory reset will permanently delete all your data and customized settings, and will remove any applications you’ve downloaded and installed. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.

How To Format Or Reset Oppo Find Way U7015 With Buttons

1.Ensure the device is turned off.
2.Press and hold volume Down + power button until language menu appear. Select English press Power to confirm.
3.Android recovery menu will appear Select Wipe Data and Cache then press power button
4.Also select Format Data and Wipe Cache and power to confirm.
5.Select Yes option to format.
6.Select “reboot” and press power button
7.Wait until the phone restarts