How To Reset Pattern Lock On Samsung Rex 70 S3802

Remove pattern lock on Samsung Rex 70 S3802 if  you have forgot security code or pattern lock. Too many pattern attempts option appear when we enter wrong pattern many times, after limited entries mobile ask Google account that we set earlier to reset pattern lock. Hard reset is useful trick to restore mobile to its default settings and wipe mobile data in case of selling mobile and you want to destroy mobile data to keep away from others.

Unlocking pattern lock is also help mobile to getting faster speed because when we reset mobile all bad data will be deleted permanantly and bad apps also deleted. Take backup of all important data before hard reset samsung rex 70 s3802. This trick will delete all contacts installed apps and games.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock On Samsung Rex 70 S3902

how to samsunh rex 70 hard reset


We can reset samsung rex 70 via this code *2767*3855# easily and default code is 00000000 eight zeros. the other method is via settings, go to menu then settings then reset and press eight zeros when mobile ask code.