hard reset Samsung glaxy s6 edge with keys

Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge To Remove Pattern Lock

Format Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android phone to unlock all security codes or unlock screen pattern lock if you have not remember it or some one enter wrong pattern many times. Pattern lock is new feature in android mobiles to protect mobile data. Some time when we forgot our pattern lock and enter wrong pattern lock many times, mobiles ask for Google account to reset pattern lock. If you have not enter Google account then only option to reset this device is hard reset method. Using this trick we can easily reset device with keys with in minutes without any software or cable. But keep in mind all data will be lost using this trick. So before reset your gadget take backup of all important data on Computer. Follow the instructions given below in tutorial.

How To Reset Pattern Lock On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Via Keys

Power off the mobile Glaxy S6.

Press and hold Volume Up + Home and Power buttons together until Android logo appear.

Release these keys when Android logo appear.

Select with volume buttons Wipe Data/factory reset confirm with power  key.

Select Yes—–delete all user data confirm with power  key.

Reboot mobile when format complete.