Solve Camera Failed Problem In Samsung Glaxy S3

Camera Failed Problem in Samsung Glaxy S3 is not a big issue, we can resolve this fault by following some simple tricks. Sometimes we have to face this problem when device Software disturbed by installing bad apps or device infected by some virus files. First reset your device before disassemble your gadget. Before reset your device take backup of all user data, because this will delete all data in device memory. Follow some useful tricks to solve camera failed problem in Samsung Glaxy S3.

First Solution:- Before disassemble phone try this method may be camera fault create due to error in software. Open Camera app from the (Application manager) and docamera failed on samsung note 1“Clear data”, then restart the phone.

Second Method:- Do factory reset device to reset all settings. But before do factory reset take backup of your all ata on failed problem in samsung s3

Third Method:- Reinstall Android operating system or upgrade software.

If problem not solved then this is hard ware problem. First change camera then other components related to camera.

Also you can test the camera from the Hidden Test menu.

Enter this code at the dealer: *#0*#