Stuck And Malfunctioning keys On 12-inch MacBook Air keyboard Problem

Many users of MacBook Air 12-inch have some issues with keyboard like keys sticking and Malfunctioning. Problem creates due to dust inside keys, some keys pressed always and not works properly. Some time keyboard keys works auto or when we press one key many keys works together. Users claim that the keys do not actuate properly, and lack any sort of tactile feedback, and there also appears to be no auditory click designating their actuation.

MacBooks have, like many laptops, low-travel-distance keys. This helps save on weight and size in a computing form factor that is aimed at being lightweight and portable. However, in this instance that appears to be causing some problems, as dirt and debris getting under those keys is proving hard to remove and possibly causing some issues with keys no longer functioning.

The keys in question don’t appear to be any specific keys, with some users reporting problems with particular letters, while others have found the larger shift and space bar keys to be the culprits.

Here we discuss some useful tricks to clean MacBook air 12-inch keys.

  1. Using compressed air or some sort of scraping tool to clear things out.
  2. Using Soft Tooth Brush to clean dust inside keys.
  3. Remove every key to clean properly. But remember it is risky method, keys can be damaged during cleaning.
  4. First, take a thin tool (a needle works fine, but I guess a thin plastic tool is better), squeeze it into the gap above the key and gently lever it up, until you can reach below the rim of the cap with a second tool or your fingernail.
    The first tool will likely be under the butterfly hinge which is why you have to release that one and make sure you are only just under the cap with the second one (short fingernail is the safest option). Now lever up (with the second one/your fingernail!) until it pops of with a slight clicking sound.
    Now you have to untangle the hooks at the bottom side. Hold up the top side just a bit and very gently wiggle the key around, left right up down, until it is loose. Do this really gently! It should not make a clicking sound or anything since it isn’t really attached to the hinge!
    I mostly just cleaned the top side of the hinges with my finger or a soft cloth, but you can reach underneath the hinges, if necessary, with a fine brush.
    To reattach the keycap, slide the hooks underneath the cap back into place from bottom to top. Then press the key (slightly upwards, that is in the direction of the screen, so that the hooks stay in place) until the top clips back in again.