Surface book battery 1 not charging

Surface Book Battery 2 full Charge Battery 1 Not Charging Solution

Last week i got client Surface Book with charging issue. It charge Surface book battery when i detach it from keyboard and connect it with charger directly. When i connect it with keyboard it use Surface Book battery and start charging keyboard battery only not surface book battery. After battery low it shut down and not turn on with keyboard battery unless charge directly surface book without keyboard. when i connect it with keyboard and connect charger it shows following error Battery 2 full and use and Battery 1 0% not charging.

Surface book battery 1 not charging

I followed all these steps mentioned on Microsoft Support Page  but not works for me.

But its better to follow these instructions first before going further step. Some time your surface book issue fixed by follow some simple instructions.

Here are some instructions you have to follow first.

1: Clean connector and charger pin with Electronics cleaner.

2: Change charger compatible with your device.

3: Remove the battery driver and install updates. If you don’t remove the battery driver first, Windows and Surface update installation may fail with Windows Update error 8024004C.
Here’s how to remove the battery driver:
Step 1: Plug in your Surface.Step 2: Select the search box in the Taskbar, enter device manager, and in the search results, select Device Manager.Step 3: Select the arrow next to the Batteries category.Step 4: Double-tap or double-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery, select the Driver tab, and select Uninstall > OK. (Or you can right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall.)

4: Leave your surface with charger for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

5: Charge Surface book without keyboard when battery full connect it with keyboard and connect Surface Book Power adapter.

Final Step To Fix Surface Book Battery 1 Not Charging Problem

If problem not solved by following all these steps then final solution is to change keyboard battery. i solved this issue by changing bottom part keyboard battery.

New battery is easily available on ebay , Amazon and some other online stores where you can easily order Surface Book Keyboard Battery and replace it easily.

In my next post i will show you How to replace Surface Book Battery.