Surface Book keyboard And Mouse freeze Problem

Yesterday i got a quotation about surface book. He get surface book 1 month before brand new, after installing software surface book not working properly.

I have an issue with my surface book during working its freeze many time and i have to reboot the device to get it working again

There are many reasons behind hang or freeze issue, Here i am going to show you how i resolve the same issue one of my client.

First try easy method that Microsoft suggest to fix freeze issue.

Step 1: As your Surface is powered on, press and hold the Power-button for 30 seconds.
Step 2: Press and hold the volume up-button and the power-button at the same time for atleast 15 seconds, then release both.
The Surface logotype might flash on the screen while performing this step, but just keep both buttons pressed for the 15 seconds.
Step 3: Wait for about 10 seconds after you released the buttons.
Step 4: Start your Surface again by pressing and releasing the Power-button

Some time its works in case your surface book heated due to heavy load of software. when ram and cpu full used by software device hang and stuck.

Some time device not fully updated we power off device and not install updates. So first check your device is updated or turn on auto update to update surface book.

Clean disk using Disk clean utility. Take backup of your data and full reset your surface book. Install antivirus software and check all ssd parttions if  Antivirus detect some viruses then full reset your device to its factory default settings. or install windows using recovery.