Surface Pro 4 Not (turn on) on Battery Schematics Diagram

If your surface Pro 4 Not (turn on) on Battery or power off when unplug charger then there are many reasons that creates this problem. Some time this happen due to bad charger or battery, so we need to check charger by replacing with new one. Here i am going to troubleshoot this issue to solve it itself. Also i will share hardware repairing schematics for Surface Pro 4 to fix battery not detected problem solution. But this method only for technicians. First we will try to fix this issue software level problem if problem not solved then we will fix it buy using diagram.

Surface Pro 4 Not (turn on) on Battery Problem Solution

1:- You will need to make sure your Power adapter is working fine and gives exact voltage as mentioned on charger. So we can not check it at home then only option to take some one charger or check your charger with an other surface pro 4. if it charging battery.

2:- Make sure your device battery charging or not. To check click on battery icon, if it shows battery charging then your charger and battery are Working fine problem in surface pro 4 logic board.

3:- After confirm battery and charger clean charger pin and charging port with Electronics Cleaner to proper clean moisture and dust.

Technically you’re not uninstalling the battery. You’re uninstalling the driver your SP3 uses to talk to be battery. As part of the uninstalling procedure, there will be a reboot. When that happens, your SP3  will detect the driver is missing re-install it.

  • Swipe from right and select the Search charm
  • Search for Device Manager
  • Choose Device Manager from the results
  • Choose Batteries then tap and hold (right-click) Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
  • Uninstall battery driver

After uninstalling drivers restart Surface Pro 4. If problem not solved then Logic Board of surface pro 4 need to be check.

If your surface pro in under warranty then claim your warranty from Microsoft service center.

Now i will share hardware repairing trick to solve surface pro 4 Battery not detected or surface not turn on battery with help of diagram.

Surface Pro 4 Schematics Diagram To Fix Battery Not Detected Problem

  1. Remove Surface Pro 4 Screen.
  2. Remove Processor Heat sink or Processor cooler.
  3. Check Marked Components Step wise as shown in Diagram.Pro 4 Not (turn on) on Battery, Surface Pro 4 Schematics Diagram To Fix Battery Not Detected Problem
  4. Check each component marked in diagram and replace each short component.

For more details for surface pro 4 battery not detected or power off when charger removed leave comment below.