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Wipe Nexus 7 To Make It Like New And Fast

Here we will talk about Nexus 7 related issues and learn how to solve them easily. Big issue we have to face on android platform slow speed of operating system. This issue create due to some bugs created by some apps installed our android device. Also some non compatible and virus infected files are also responsible for this fault. Device hang again and again and not work properly when we want to run any game or app. Here we will fix this issue by using reset device to factory default settings and wiping device to make it fast like new. But keep in mind all data like your installed apps, games, your contacts, messages , call history will be deleted using this method. So take backup all of your data on your computer hard drive or in memory card. So follow the each instruction given below carefully.

Warning! Factory reset will be delete all your data and customized settings, and will remove any applications you’ve downloaded and installed. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory 7

How To Wipe Google Nexus 7 To Make It Fast Like New

Power of Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

Press and hold Volume down and Power Keys.

Don not release these keys until android recovery menu appear.

Press Volume down two times to select Recovery Mode then press power button once.

When Android recovery logo appear on screen press power and volume up at same time to show recovery menu.

With volume down key Select ” Wipe Data/factory reset ” press power to confirm.

Select with volume down ” Yes Delete all user data” press power to confirm.

With volume down key select “Wipe Cache Partition” and press power to confirm

Reboot Nexus 7 tablet.