Yoga 900 SSD Not Detected During windows 10 installation Solution

Two days before i get some Yoga 900 laptops from my clients for upgrade SSD from 128 GB to 256 GB. i install M.2 SSD and check bios for detection. i restore bios factory default and change  Boot settings Legacy to UEFI and save settings. After restart SSD detected in bios. After creating Windows Bootable USB in UEFI mode start windows installation. After loading windows unable to find any ssd to install windows. Restarting PC and check again SSD in bios, i found every thing is ok ssd is detected in bios. Finally i got the solution to install windows on Lenovo Yoga 900 in M.2 Nvme SSD.

How to install windows on yoga 900 in new M.2 SSD

First create Windows bootable USB Drive by following this method.

Create a bootable USB stick with Rufus, make sure to select GPT partition scheme for UEFIand FAT32 file system (it won’t work with NTFS)

Second Download intel Rapid Storrage Drivers from intel website. Download Rapid Storage Driver From Following Link .

Copy driver file in Windows Bootable Usb Drive.

After booting windows when SSd not appear browse Windows Rapid Storage Driver file and install driver.

After installing drivers SSD will appeared successfully.

Select drive to install windows on M.2 NVME SSD.