Macbook Pro input/output error

Macbook Pro input/output error when try to restore backup

Today i receive MacBook Pro 13-inch mid-2012 model with hard drive issue. Customer claiming that laptop working fine before but it fell out from bed after that Mac Os not loading properly. Customer try to copy data from the old hard drive but after copy half data an error appears input/output error. He tried to reinstall a new Mac OS operating system but no luck.

Macbook Pro input/output error Issue Fixed

I also try to restore one partition having OS Sierra installed from my external hard drive, after restore half same input/output error appeared. i format hard drive 3 to 4 time but every time when i try to install a new operating system or try to restore same error appeared. However, the system was working fine on the external hard drive having an operating system.

After troubleshooting, I open MacBook and remove the hard drive from the system. i restore one partition which has same OS Sierra on system hard disk using external hard disk case. restore completed without any issue. then boot again from external system hard disk, it was working without any issue. Finally, i figure out that something wrong with Macbook motherboard or with HDD cable. i change HDD cable with the new one and connect same hard disk with the system. This time MacBook starts working and i restore os sierra from the external hard disk. Final it was HDD cable that was damaged or shorted.

If you have the same issue with your MacBook Pro and after change cable problem not solved let me know your exact MacBook model or you can send me MacBook serial number. i will try to respond as soon as possible.

Please leave a comment below if you solved your problem after following the steps mentioned in this post.