Reset Sony Xperia Z3 Compact To Unlock Pattern Lock

Remove pattern lock on Sony Xperia Z3 with help of Sony Companion Software. We can also unlock screen pattern lock with buttons using simple method if our current model support this feature. If we have remember Google account then Hard reset Trick is not necessary and we can reset this pattern with Google account. But if google account not remember then only way to solve this problem is hard reset.

Warning! All mobile data like contacts. massages, call history and other data on mobile memory will be lost, so take backup before reset device. Memory card data and not lost by this method.

How To Reset Sony Xperia Z3 To Remove Pattern Lock

To reset SONY XPERIA X8 E15i follow the instructions below step by step.

Download PC Companion software from official site.

Install and run software.

Select (SUPPORT ZONE) Menu click start ti download and install
Select (Phone / Tablet Software update) click Start to download and install.
Click (Repair my Phone / Tablet) then click on contue.
Check the box “I understand..” and click “Next”
Check the box “I understood…” and click “Continue”
Check the box on “Battery Level Info” and click “Next”
Select you phone model in the selection and click “Next”

Connect you phone to PC
Turn off you phone and wait for 5 seconds
Connect your Phone to the PC while pressing Volume Down button using USB Cord.

Follow the instruction on that program until it finish updating.